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Why iq important

IQ stands for "Intelligence Quotient", which is one of the key aspects when it comes to examining the brain's ability to respond. IQ score is the prime factor, schools, colleges and employers take into consideration while accessing someone's ability. Hence, it becomes crucial for the students or job aspirants to have a brilliant IQ level. Whether it's a school level entrance or a competitive exam or an interview with a reputed company, every organization is looking for people with excellent IQ scores. An efficient IQ score lets the authority to shortlist candidates much faster than any other procedure and IQ tests in every institution are varied depending upon the requirements. Hence, to possess a good IQ score is really important in today's world, which isn't hard to attain, all you need is to do is practice.

Do You Own a Degree in Intelligence?

Are you proficient in solving puzzles or problems? Are you the one in the group members approach you to solve a particular riddle? If the answer is yes, which probably won’t be an obvious one, then you are good, really good, but if the scenario is other way round then it’s a matter you need to give thought to. The lack of skill in this case is the ability to react or respond in a particular situation and went on to solve it, which is referred to as IQ “Intelligence Quotient”. It is a score attained, based on several standardized tests in order to judge one’s intelligence. However, a low IQ score doesn’t symbolizes that you are dumb, but it definitely states that you are weaker than others having a higher score. Originally devised by William Stern, the German psychologist who called it the “Intelligenz-Quotient”, the following are the fields, IQ is used as a prime analyzer to judge one’s ability or growth.

  • Educational aptitude and achievement
  • Job suitability and performance
  • Income that a person is capable of generating
  • Special conditions affecting the brain like dementia etc.
  • Variables affecting the IQ of a specified population

Role of Standard deviation in Intelligence tests?

Before attempting to find an answer to the question “What is IQ Test”, it is important to understand the meaning of Standard Deviation. While normal data distribution pertains to a set of elements having values, which are close to their average; extreme values in this case tend to be very few and very far between. Representing a set of normal data on a graph generally results in a bell-like curve which shows little or no deviation.The standard deviation, as the name suggests, shows the frequency and extent of deviation shown by a group as a whole taking their average or mean as the comparative indicator. When represented on a graph, it can give rise to either of the two instances: The resultant bell-curve is very steep indicating that the standard deviation is rather very small or is rather flat showing a larger standard deviation in comparison.

For calculating the IQ of a group, the average score is generally set to 100 and the common standard deviation is taken to be 15 points. The percentiles of the required parameters are then calculated based on these.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

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