• Improve Your Knowledge with Higher Intelligence level

    Improve Your Knowledge with Higher Intelligence level

    The relation between knowledge and intelligence has always been debatable. Does intelligence has any part to play in gaining knowledge? Is more knowledge indicative of higher intelligence? Even experts have their doubts. But no one can deny that they are entwined together. You need to have both of them to succeed in today’s world. And there are many tried and tested ways that claim to improve your knowledge base with the help of improving your IQ level.

    There is a famous saying that if intelligence is a container then knowledge is what you pour into it. Improve IQ level and you have a larger vessel to accommodate more knowledge. Intelligence is often defined as a person’s ability to acquire skill and knowledge. With improved intelligence, you can gain better knowledge and advanced skill set.

    To measure your knowledge

    Knowledge is acquired during a lifetime and that is what you measure. Intelligence is not actually a measurable entity. When you check your IQ level it is mostly based on the knowledge and skills you have gained till date. Hence, your IQ level will not be the same throughout your life. The more you gain knowledge the more it will be reflected on your intelligence level. And the more you exercise your brain the smarter you’ll become. The end result is your improved ability to gain more knowledge.

    You learn the smarter way

    There is so much of knowledge scattered around you to gather that it becomes cumbersome. An intelligent person always knows what to take and what to leave. With increased intelligence gaining knowledge will become easier for you. You will adapt new techniques to learn something. Improved intelligence allows you to filter through the redundant information and you are left with only the important things. You adapt a smarter way to perform your tasks, and these tasks will seem lot easier now. Go for all sorts of IQ tests that claim to improve your intelligence.

    Relationship between IQ and knowledge

    Intelligence quotient is a primitive way to measure your intelligence. With frequent tests, you can keep track of your performance and improvement. Even if the IQ tests are not the exact reflection of your intelligence but they somewhat give you a rough idea. Keep playing with these test and you are sure to notice and change in your approaches.

    Along with these tests, you should also opt for reading books. If you are not so fond of them then get started! They are the best tool to improve your intelligence and your knowledge. One shot; two targets! Good reads will get your higher intelligence and more than the general knowledge. They will give you better insights about everything you want to know and everything you should know.

    As muscles tone up with regular physical exercise, you can tone up your intelligence with regular IQ tests along with some good reading exercise for your brain. Gain some intelligence and gain some knowledge, should be your motto.


    • 03, Oct 2016
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